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The United Nations Development Group (UNDG) Iraq Trust Fund is administered by the United Nations Development Programme on behalf of itself and Participating United Nations Organizations.

This is the first time that the UN is administering a multi-donor reconstruction trust fund in a joint partnership with the World Bank. This is also the first time that the UNDG organizations, pursuant to the Secretary General’s reform agenda, have adopted common planning, funding, coordinated implementation and reporting arrangements for such a large scale operation, which is referred to as the “UN Cluster approach”. Most importantly, this arrangement assists key Iraqi ministries such as the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation to work with UNDG as one entity, facilitating coordinated, collaborative joint programming.

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The UNDG ITF arrangement reduces resource mobilization and reporting costs to Participating UN Organizations.   19 UN Organisations have signed the Memorandum of Understanding with UNDP to date for participation in the UNDG ITF.  It is also the first time that UNDG organizations have made it possible for donors to fund their projects through a single channel, reducing donors’ transaction costs. 24 donors have signed the Letter of Agreement to date with UNDP to contribute funds to the UNDG ITF, in support to Iraq’s reconstruction and development priorities.



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