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Donor Committee Meetings
Abu Dhabi, February 2004
Doha, May 2004
Tokyo, October 2004
Dead Sea, July 2005
Amman, May 2006 (Briefing on IRFFI Progress)
Istanbul Meeting, March 2007
Bari Meeting, October 2007
Baghdad Meeting, July 2008
Naples Meeting, February 2009
Baghdad Meeting, November 2009
Baghdad Meeting, December 2010
Baghdad Meeting, June 2011
UNDG Iraq Trust Fund
World Bank Iraq Trust Fund (WB ITF)

Amman, May 2006

The UN-WB Facility Coordination Committee met on May 24, 2006, in Amman, Jordan for a "Briefing on IRFFI Progress" meeting to respond to donors who expressed the need to meet with the World Bank and the UNDG to discuss their views and performance to date. 



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